About forEach

We are a diversity-focused tech talent agency.

Our mission is to help tech companies build a better future with diversity.

Our name forEach is a nod to our nerdy tendencies. It refers to a control flow statement for traversing items in a collection, in place of a statement. Although the syntax differs from language to language, the basic structure is: 

for each item in collection:
do something to item

forEach is how we think about diversity in tech.

For each person, no matter what they look like or where they come from, identify what makes them special, then find the best jobs for them.


Meet our Team

Kathryn Brown Founder + CEO

Kathryn Brown

Founder + CEO

Dana Simonsen Project Management + Design

Dana Simonsen

Project Management + Design

George Domurot CTO

George Domurot


Scherezad Yusef Advisor

Scherezad Yusef


Ben Storm Strategy

Ben Storm


Justin Garvin Designer

Justin Garvin


Rochelle Higgins PeopleOps Advisor

Rochelle Higgins

PeopleOps Advisor

Bryan Dormaier Mobile Developer

Bryan Dormaier

Mobile Developer


Our Community

We partner with professional tech affinity groups to ensure we are reaching out to a broad range of talent.